Highway Lighting

Sarja Electricals offers Highway Lighting solutions (EPC) and trunking. We specialise in providing Highway lighting for road users and public lighting, with our expert team able to provide a wide range of services covering design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance, whether it is just Highway lighting on a major highway or small town road lighting. We ensure that the right amount of light is provided where and when it is needed through better resource management and sustainability. Our comprehensive street lighting solutions are the preferred choice of discerning clients.

Highway Lighting services and solutions in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

Why Us

Sarja Electricals has 15 years’ experience in highway lighting, mine lighting, and industrial lighting. We have a wide range of skills and expertise in Highway lighting design and lighting installation. We provide optimised solution, and which can help customers save on running and maintenance costs. We have established close working relationships with experienced partners, suppliers, and our team, which enables us to provide a range of flexible solutions to our clients in a safe, reliable, and high-quality manner. We also offer emergency repair and maintenance services to support the needs of our customers.

Optimise Lighting design


Lighting installation

Smart lighting control

Replacement of conventional lighting systems by LED lighting

Lighting system operation, repair, and maintenance

Emergency callout and 24 x 7 support

Benefits to the Customer

Sarja Electricals has a proven track record of providing professional solutions in highway lighting design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance. Customers save valuable running costs with Sarja Solutions. Sarja Electricals has recently developed LED road lighting and even advanced technologies such as smart lighting control solutions.

Highway Lighting services and solutions in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

Our Projects

Project 1

Six laning of udipur (km287.400) to shamlaji (km401.200.00) section of nh-8 in the states of rajasthan and gujrat (length:113.800km) on dbfot(toll) under nhdp phase-v package-v

Project 2

Four laning of nh-363 from mancherial (design km.0.000/existing km. 251.900) to repallewada (design km. 42.000/existing km. 288.510) (design length 42.000 km) in the state of telangana under nhdp phase-iv under nh (o) on hybrid annuity mode.

Project 3

Six laning of delhi-agra section of national highway no. 2 in the state of haryana and uttar pradesh from km. 20.500 to km. 200.00 under nhdp phase – v as bot (toll).

Project 4

six laning of pune – satara section of nh4 from km 725.000 to 865.350 (length km 140.350) in the state of maharashtra to be executed as bot (toll) on dbfot pattern under nhdp phase v